Vodka and Gin Will Make you Grin

Vodka and Gin are Always a Win


The clear spirits are having a major moment in America. With distillers giving them the attention they deserve, gin and vodka are singing with freshness and individuality. If you still think of vodka as neutral, it’s time to update your perception. Small-batch vodkas are coming into their own and offering a whole new world of flavor to explore. To get you going, here are some gin and vodka suggestions from sales associates Erik Guzinski, Marcarthur Barallo, Josh Mitzrahi, Tammie Teclemariam, and sales managers Doug Yacka and Bambi Ray.

Greenhook Ginsmiths Dry Gin $29.99
Greenhook takes a subtler approach than most American gins. A balanced blend of elderflower, chamomile, cinnamon, and a hint of juniper seduce your palate. This is an assured debut from Greenpoint, Brooklyn-based Greenhook distillers. Give it a shot with Fever Tree’s Bitter Lemon Tonic. If you’re a martini lover, like me, try it with Dolin Vermouth de Chamberey Blanc and a lemon twist. – EG

Berkshire Mountain Greylock Gin $28.96
This is award-winning gin from the first distillery to operate in the Berkshires since prohibition. It offers a great deal of licorice and citrus–a challenge to your regular gin and tonic. – MB

Berkshire Mountain Ethereal Gin Batch 13 $29.96
Berkshire Mountain Distillery is located in Western Massachusetts, much closer to the Hudson Valley than to Boston (both geographically and culturally). The Ethereal Gin Batch 13 is all about balance. It’s complex and deep with a soft landing that feels something like laying your head down on the finest down pillow. – JM

High West Vodka 7000 $29.99
Few vodkas are as contemplative or compelling as this one. Made mostly from oats, High West’s Vodka 7000 has a creamy texture and a slightly sweet nuttiness that set it apart from the rest. It’s nice poured over a large ice cube, or shaken with some honey. – TT

St. George All Purpose Vodka $28.99
Don’t let the “All Purpose” fool you into thinking this is just some ordinary vodka. Bartlett pears are the base for this beautifully nuanced and aromatic spirit (think floral, fruit and nut) with a uniquely rich texture, almost reminiscent of brandy. St George has done it again! – DY

NY Distillery Dorothy Parker Gin $29.99
Support your local distillery and drink something delicious at the same time! Named after the famed satirist and writer, this versatile gin offers well-balanced botanicals, including cardamom and hibiscus, for a subtle and unique flavor profile. – BR

Brooklyn Gin $42.99
If a refreshing, citrus-oriented gin is your favorite, then Brooklyn Gin is a must-have. Five types of fresh citrus, including clementines and kumquats, are added to neutral corn spirit prior to distillation. The finished product incorporates lavender and coriander for a bit of complexity. Delicious! – BR