Wines Across America

Bottled in Your Own Backyard


American winemakers have drawn inspiration from producers around the world for over 300 years, but the resulting collective style is 100% grown in the USA. From big, bold Californian wines, to crisp, herbaceous East Coasters, this list will give you the run-down on our staff’s favorite domestically-produced bottles.

Read on to hear picks from Josh Mizrahi, Jon Miner, Bambi Ray, Sara Sparks, and Sam Sundius.

Mendocino, CA: Idlewild “The Flower” Rosé $21.99

If the grapes of Northern Italy appeal to you, then, too, should this wine. Made from Barbera, Dolcetto, and Nebbiolo, this is a joyous, fuller-bodied style of rosé. It provides a great example of what non-Provence pink wine can be. – Bambi Ray

Long Island, NY: Channing Daughters, “Ramato” $23.96

If you’re into adventures and weekend escapes, this wine is your ticket. This “orange” wine is made by prolonged contact with the grapes’ skins during fermentation, leading to an amber hue in the glass. It’s incredibly complex, with notes of dried flowers, bitter orange rind, and smoked tea. Such an herbaceous attitude is a great pair for baked pork-chops and spring vegetables. Get ready, this wine is a weirdo—but in the most loveable way. – Sam Sundius

Napa, CA: Heitz Cellar “Trailside Vineyard” Cabernet Sauvignon $112.96

When I tasted this wine, I finally understood why people loved Napa Cabs. A classic, Cali Cab with bottle age and pedigree to spare, this bottle is single-vineyard, organic, and ready to drink now. The combination of power and finesse on display is breathtaking. Rarely would I say that a $100 bottle is a steal, though this, for sure, is one. – Josh Mizrahi

California: Matthiasson “Tendu” Red Blend $21.96

Steve Matthiasson is the rare California winemaker with great range of skill. Able to work with Cabs and Chards to produce fantastic, classic results, he’s also completely unafraid to do something different—like with this liter-sized blend of Aglianico, Montepulciano, and Barbera, bottled under a beer cap. The Tendu red is juicy, fresh, low-alcohol, and full of spicy minerals—an easy pairing for pepperoni and picnics. – Jon Miner

Sonoma, CA: Syrah, Belden Barns $34.96

A great nose on this Sonoma Syrah: eucalyptus, graphite, prune, all things deep and dark. Seriously full-bodied, don’t hesitate to drag out the BBQ with this wine, you’ll want something big and meaty to pair it with. – Sara Sparks

Willamette Valley, OR: Swick “Rosé of Pinot Noir” Pétillant Naturel $29.96

Joe Swick travelled the world to learn how to make wine, selecting the best of the best from organic and biodynamic farms. Bright and fresh, this strawberry-colored sparkling wine is day-drinking at it’s finest, especially with sweet and fatty foods. (Tacos al pastor for lunch, anyone?) – Sam Sundius