Bonnie Scottish Drams

Whiskies on the High Road


Scotch—whiskies from Scotland—are unparalleled in their iconic status. And yet there’s no shortage of flavors to explore across the country. From malted drams to bright blends, there’s a Scotch style for every palate.

Read on for sips of Scotch insight from staff members Josh Mizrahi, Macarthur Baralla, Sara Sparks, and spirits buyer Nima Ansari-Bahmani.

Caol Ila 12 Yr. Scotch $64.99

Caol Ila, “The Sound of Islay,” is a great start for getting into peated Scotch. A charming Islay Scotch showing floral notes, seaweed, iodine flavors, and a lingering smokiness. – Marcarthur Baralla

Dun Bheagan Inchgower 31 Yr. $449.96

Independent bottlers, like Dun Bheagan, are your best source for hard-to-find whiskies. These bottlers often offer better values than official distillery releases. Sometimes even (like, with this vintage, single-cask release of Inchgower) you find closed distilleries, lost to the past, giving us one last chance to revel in their drams. – Nima Ansari-Bahmini

Tobermory 10 Yr. $64.96

If you love the vibrant, invigorating character of Island whiskies without the smokiness and peat, then Tobermory is what you should be reaching for. Hailing from the only distillery in the Isle of Mull, this pedigreed dram is refined and easy going down with just enough wild edges to keep it interesting. – Nima Ansari-Bahmini

Benriach 18 Yr. Tawny Port Cask $199.96

This whisky gives you more than you ask for at the price. Aged patiently for nearly two decades—including a rare finish in Tawny Port cask—this full-proof, single-cask vintage whisky is meant for those days when you’re itching to try something new. – Nima Ansari-Bahmini

Dewar’s 12 Yr. Ancestor Blended Scotch $34.99

This bottle is a recreation of the original 12-year blend that made Dewar’s one of the most successful Scotch whiskies of all time. And the reason is clear—almost Cognac-like in its elegance, this whisky is refined and finessed without giving in on flavor. A great dram to have on deck. – Nima Ansari-Bahmini

Port Askaig Islay Single Malt Scotch $74.96

This whisky marries excellent fruit—banana cream, hint of almond, and cherry pit—with a warm blanket of smoke, tasty wood staves, salty, and sea-cured. With a couple drops of water it opens up to much more. – Sara Sparks

Glengoyne 10 Yr. Scotch $39.96

Here’s a delicious Highland single malt at a great price. Produced with extended fermentation of the wort, the slowest stills in Scotland, and Sherry-cask influences—this Scotch features a mellow, smooth character with rich, nutty notes. I dare you to find a better tasting single malt scotch under $40. – Josh Mizrahi