Fresh Fall Whites

Cool to Drink White Wine


Sure, white wine is super refreshing during the hottest months of the year—but you’re missing out if you limit your white wine-drinking to a single season. Aromatic whites are dynamite with fall cheese plates with dried apricots; mineral salinity tames the briniest grilled fish; and notes of citrus clean the palate in between bites of terrine or rillettes. With so many incredible foods coming into season, don’t write off white wines’ addition to your table.

Read on for our staff’s picks of the best whites to keep in style long after Labor Day.

Atlantis White Santorini, Argyros $17.99

This white from Atlantis has a gorgeous, crystalline hue that I appreciated while taking in its floral aromas and peach and lime zest flavors. A cross between Chablis and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, perhaps? – Erik Guzinski, Wine & Spirits Consultant

“Jarenincan” White blend, Crnko $16.96

A fun and yummy porch-pounder for your consideration. Not what you were expecting from Slovenia? The blend of grapes and where it is from does not really matter as this bottles just cries out to be consumed. Buy two—or buy a case—you’ll thank me later. – Josh Mizrahi, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Armand Riesling Kabinett, Von Buhl $19.96

There are some foods we get because of how much they satisfy us. The same is true for wines. This is a rich compilation of sweet and savory flavors. The end result is something deeply satisfying. – Sam Davies, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Grüner Veltliner “Hefeabzug”, Nikolaihof $24.99

It’s charmingly tongue-tying, but “Hefeabzug” on the label simply means that this Gruner is aged on the lees, like a Muscadet. Profoundly mineral and saline, with pure white stone fruit and white pepper balanced by gemlike acidity. – Jon Miner, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Riesling Feinherb, Müller-Catoir $21.96

White peaches and white stones come forward on that palate. Marvelously textured and stunning Riesling at a modest price. – Jared McGuire, Wine & Spirits Consultant