Great Wines from Across the USA

Coast to Coast


What’s better for barbecues than wines made in your own backyard? Fresh, innovative wines are cropping up across the nation, from Willamette Valley, Oregon, out to Long Island, New York. Check out our staff’s picks for incredible USA wines that you’ll want on hand for grilling and chilling all summer long.

Porter Creek Chardonnay $38.99

While winemaker Alex Davis’s Chardonnay tips its hat to Burgundy, it de-emphasizes the use of oak to create a wine that is lean, mean, and shining with acidity. This is an authentic reflection of Chardonnay’s character, especially how it blooms when guided by an experienced hand. – Erik Guzinski, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Dirty & Rowdy Unfamiliar Red $21.99

This lively, rustic red evokes warm, late-summer afternoons right before a thunderstorm. With flavors of wild black raspberry, plum, and earth, it’s perfect for burgers and backyard barbecues. – Keyana Shaw, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Matthiasson White Blend $32.96

This white is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and some classically northern Italian varietals. The aromas here contain exotic fruit, wet limestone, pine, and a bit of baked apple. With a palate that is textured, herbal, and complex, I take a sip and instantly start thinking of serving it with the most simple, seasonal food, like grilled leeks and lemon chicken, garlicky sausage, and squash blossom pappardelle. – Jon Miner, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Donkey & Goat “Gallivanter” Red Blend $24.96

Jared and Tracey Brandt craft some of the finest natural wines in California. A blend of Merlot, Grenache, and Mourvèdre, the “Gallivanter” is all about juicy blackberries, bright raspberries, a little earthiness, and black pepper. Serve this wine slightly chilled at your next barbecue. – Amy Miller, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Paumanok, Chenin Blanc $24.96

Kareem Massoud is a second-generation winemaker from Paumanok, a family-owned, Long Island estate. He produces this beautiful, crisp example of Chenin Blanc that will remind you of the Loire Valley and yet is its own wonderful thing. – Josh Mizrahi, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Swick “Only Zuul” Red, 2018 $29.96

You’ve likely never had a wine like this—even if you usually go for the funky stuff. Winemaker Joe Swick calls this a red wine, though no red grapes go into it, despite its ruby color. A co-fermentation of organic Oregon Pinot Gris and Washington Gewürztraminer, it’s aromatic, floral, and spicy, with cranberry and blood orange fruit melting into notes of olive, hazelnut, and damp earth. – Jonathan Miner, Wine & Spirits Consultant