A Wide World of Sparkling Wine

Alternatives to Champagne


It’s a big world of bubbles out there—so why limit yourself to a single region? Creamy Cavas, pretty pét-nats, and sensational ciders await beyond the borders of Champagne. Each ready to refresh your expectations for sparkling wines.

Read on for our staff’s pick of seductive sparklers from outside Champagne.

Mata i Coloma “Cupada No. 20” Cava Brut Nature Reserva $19.96

Perky citrus and white floral notes dance across the tongue of this vintage bubbly. Spending no less than two years on the lees, this Cava is imbued with subtle notes of yeasty bread dough and a streak of minerality that adds structure and complexity. – Keyana Shaw, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Mas de Daumas Gassac, Rosé Frizant $22.99

Natural wines can be fresh, fruity, juicy, and clean. The makers of this strawberry-colored Frizant co-ferment everything in a tank that is sealed shut. Nothing is added or taken away; no fining, filtering, or sulfur. What emerges is a pure, natural delight. – Gwen Connors, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Vin du Bugey “Cerdon”, Renardat-Fâche 2017 $23.99

A delightful and fun demi-sec rosé made from a blend of Gamay and Poulsard. The low alcohol content (8%) allows the subtle sweetness to shine through the flavors of bursting, ripe red fruits. – Vince Grace, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Poiré “Granit,” Eric Bordelet $29.99

Widely recognized as one of the world’s great cider makers, Eric Bordelet’s ciders always provide a low-alcohol and incredibly refreshing experience. From biodynamic orchards planted three centuries ago, this pear cider is a year-round go to, whether enjoyed on its own or with a variety of pairings. – Bambi Ray, Sales Manager