Pinot Noir: World-class Elegance

Versatile Varietal


Pinot Noir is one exquisite grape. From fruity and flirtatious to classic and complex, Pinot Noir sets the bar for elegance around the world.

Take advantage of Burgundy beauties and Willamette wonders with these incredible picks from our staff.

Pinot Noir “Classic,” Fischer $19.96

Just like in Burgundy, Pinot Noir was brought to Austria’s Thermen region by Cistercian monks, believing the climate was ideally suited to the finicky grape. This bottle from Fischer is a classic example, with notes of spice and sous-bois around a core of bright cherry fruit. – Jon Miner, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Côtes de Nuits Villages “Les Vignottes,” Dom. Petitot $34.96

Here’s proof that village wines can pack a lot of punch—especially those neighboring Premier Cru vineyards. This one is filled with gorgeous candied cherry notes and an elegant texture that is unmistakably Burgundy. – Teddy Daly, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Kelley Fox “Mirabai” $37.99

If you like wines made with conviction and passion, look no further. Kelley Fox makes beautiful wines with soul and this is no exception. Dark and savory, this Oregon beauty is a prime example of Pinot Noir with balanced elegance and power. – Bambi Ray, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Pinot Noir “Bergspitze”, Teutonic Wine Co. $29.99

Backed by Alsatian-German focused principles, including dry-farming, wild yeast fermentation, and aging in neutral barrel, this Pinot Noir sports a texture that mirrors the highest thread count sheets. An angel’s whisper of Oregon winemaking at work. – Jose Banegas, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Fixin, Domaine Bart $36.96

Fixin has always been my dark horse in Burgundy—hearty red fruit, heady aromatics, and a refreshing finish. I know everyone likes to stay with favorites, but in Burgundy you should really play the field. – Sam Davies, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Pinot Noir, La Maison Carrée 2015 $49.96

A delicious, Swiss Pinot Noir from the Auvernier side of Lake Neuchâtel—a region well-known for cool-climate grapes. The fruit was destemmed before fermentation, giving this wine a luscious fruit character. – Lorena Ascencios, Wine Buyer

Drew, Pinot Noir, Valenti Vineyard $54.96

Think of picking up something special on chilly fall nights. Cool and elegant, the Drew Pinot Noir from California feels like an early evening walk through a misty forest. – Hilary Fasen, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Sancerre Rouge “Croix du Roy”, Lucien Crochet $29.96

Domaine Lucien Crochet has long been a favorite producer of Sauvignon Blancs, so it’s no surprise that their Pinot Noir shows equal verve. Made from organically grown grapes and vinified with native yeasts, this wine shows bright, fresh red fruit, cherry, cranberry, and a bit of earthiness. A fantastic bottle for the holiday table. – Amy Miller, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Blue Quail, Pinot Noir $21.96

Blue Quail Pinot Noir from Potter Valley in Mendocino County is a delightful, refined wine that will give your favorite Oregon Pinot a run for its money. The cool-climate of Mendocino seems tailor-made for this notoriously hard-to-grow varietal. The restrained use of oak makes for a great wine at a nice price. – Josh Mizrahi, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Scribe, Pinot Noir, Carneros $39.99

This wine will please lovers of Pinot NoIr with its silky, medium-bodied and effortlessly quaffable character. The cool climate of Carneros Napa AVA and Huichica’s loam-rich soil provide the perfect environment for high-quality grape growing. – Steven Bowles, Wine & Spirits Consultant