Shop Local: N.Y. State Wines & Spirits


We may be partial, but New York really seems to have it all—there’s a hub of distilling innovation in the Hudson Valley, Germany-level winegrowing conditions in the Finger Lakes, and artisan risk-takers in the North Fork. Check out some of our staff’s favorite wines and spirits made in New York State. 

Onabay Vineyards “Yellow Crown” Chardonnay – 2018 $19.96

What a delight to be able to drink such delicious wines from just a few miles away. This delicious chardonnay from the North Fork of Long Island is an ideal white for cooler days, but at this price it could work as your year-round house white as well. – Bambi Ray, Sales Manager

Dry Riesling, Barry Family Cellars $21.99 

A small boutique production dry Riesling that is ever the darling. This is a lean and crisp white that strikes with zingy acidity and a flavor profile leaning into tangy green fruits: gooseberry, lime zest, white melon, and Granny Smith apples with a positively endearing mineral backbone. – Jose Banegas, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Coppersea Excelsior Bourbon Whisky $74.96

This is a New York spirit in every sense. Coppersea sources their grains locally, does all their own malting in house, and ages their spirits in 100% sustainably grown New York White Oak. Their Excelsior bourbon has a high rye content (60% corn, 30% rye, 10% malted barley), which lends a dose of peppery spice along with caramelized peaches, vanilla and toasted almonds. – Amy Miller, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Van Brunt Stillhouse Rye Whiskey $64.99

This whiskey is distilled from 100% New York rye and a touch of malted barley. It’s a concentrated spirit with floral notes and a nutty, spicy backbone. The barley makes it, in my opinion, more balanced. I remember a very friendly staff at the distillery in Red Hook, Brooklyn, a semi-industrial neighborhood near the water that’s becoming more and more hip. Van Brunt Stillhouse Distillery is partly to thank for that. – Andrea Fraccari, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Hunter Moon Eau de Vie $74.96

One of the best local spirits to grace our shelves is here only by chance: when an early frost threatened the grapes at a biodynamic North Fork vineyard, the owner called upon the women of Matchbook Distilling to harvest the young fruit and distill it. After a wild ferment and a year’s rest in glass balloons, the brandy has incredible purity with aromatic notes of herb, wildflower, and honey. – Jon Miner, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Neversink Spirits Gin $26.96

I met one of the owners of Neversink, Yoni, during my bartending days. He ordered an Aviation cocktail, which makes sense after tasting his gin. It uses a N.Y. State apple base spirit that is carefully distilled through a blend of 11 botanicals to create a well balanced, floral and aromatic gin. It works perfectly in cocktails or can be sipped by itself. – Davit Kirtadze, Wine & Spirits Consultant