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New Year’s Eve for Every Budget

It’s hard to imagine ringing in the new year without Champagne, but then again it’s hard to imagine ringing in the new year at a roaring party of two (or one). We’ve included options from Champagne and many from elsewhere in this list of sparklers ranging in price from $6.99 to $159.99. You’ll be sure to find a bottle to fit your budget and your New Year’s Eve set-up.

Mia, Prosecco $6.99

This bright, fresh, and dry Prosecco truly over-delivers. Sparkling wine at this value shouldn’t be passed up. And don’t let the screw top fool you, there’s a major celebration inside this bottle! – Josh Mizrahi, Sales Manager

Glera Frizzante, Bisson $16.96

Pierluigi Lugano is the soul behind Bisson in Liguria. His sparkling wine is technically a Prosecco but does not adhere to the restraining laws of the Prosecco DOC. Pierluigi Lugano is a renegade, a rebel. He is not pushed around by labeling laws; instead, he seals his bubbly with a crown and forgoes the name “Prosecco” on his label, like a badass. This bubbly tastes like the reprieve from thick summer air, when it’s a little more comfortable to breathe. Filling your lungs with star jasmine wafting in the salt-crusted air. Juicy green pear jam spread on thick-cut, golden brown sourdough. – Hannah Gordon, Sales Manager

Crémant de Bourgogne Brut, Dom. de La Grande Côte $21.96

Crémant from Burgundy is particularly great as the terroir shares similarities with Champagne, providing some complexity. I also love Crémant as a follow-up to Champagne when the occasion calls for opening a second bottle that doesn’t need to be Champagne-level. Crémant de Bourgogne Brut, Dom. de La Grande Côte is featured regularly in my lineup because it is a fabulous wine that’s rich with yellow apples and pear. It finishes with a beautiful minerality that I think sets it apart from the rest. – Hannah Weiss, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Montinore “Vivacé” Sparkling $22.96

With the inspiration for this bottling being rooted in creating a refreshing and lively bubbly, Montinore delivers with such a playful and gleaming sparkler. Using a similar composition of estate grown grapes akin to their “Borealis” Edelzwicker Blend, this off-dry slightly frizzante speaks of lemon and lime zest, honey, crisp grassy and blooming floral aromatics. With such a clean, light mouthfeel that tingles your palate with a fervor that pitches the idea to continue sipping, this can be what puts the pep in your step and move forth with vivacé (brisk, spirited manner) for the rest of the year. – Jose Bonegas, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Pétillant Naturel, Uivo “PT Nat” Rosé, Folias de Baco $22.96

I’m a big fan of everything I’ve tried from winemaker Tiago Sampaio. He’s part of the new wave of young Portuguese winemakers breaking away from the country’s storied Port-centric tradition and putting out creative, forward thinking table wines. Pushing the envelope a step further is this fun, super tasty Pétillant Naturel that I highly recommend. Awash with dried strawberries, gleaming, delicate bubbles and a touch of flint, it simply belongs in everyone’s refrigerator, bar, table, and glass. Delicious! – Marc Mousky, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Blue Ox “Sunflower Sutra”, Sparkling $41.96

Noah Kenoyer and Josh Hammerling created their Blue Ox label just over a year ago and have quickly become specialists in sparkling wines. They are the new kids on the Berkeley block situated between like-minded natural wine producers Broc Cellars and Donkey and Goat. Enjoy their delicious sparkling Sunflower Sutra, méthode Champenois, a blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay. – Laura Atbashian, Buyer

Apollonis “Authentic Meunier” Blanc de Noirs Brut, Loriot $49.96

Here we have a Champagne made entirely from Meunier, and it’s so good that I can’t understand why they aren’t more popular. The aromatics call to mind red fruit, wildflowers, and spice, with a focused, clay-like minerality. There’s a little bit of toast, but nothing overwhelming. The wine is, on the whole, fantastically well-balanced, and would be a really, really good choice if you want a bottle to pair with a meal. Try it early in the morning with smoked salmon on bagels, or chicken schnitzel sandwiches with a passion fruit chutney. – Jon Miner, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Chartogne-Taillet “Cuvée St. Anne” $51.99

Alexandre Chartogne is always tinkering at his technique, always trying to make his wines just a little bit better. As a result his flagship wine “St. Anne Cuvée” is possibly the most sophisticated entry-level brut available. His wines are jam-packed with nuance but never seem to sacrifice clarity. After all, what is complexity worth if it cannot be observed? It is good that Alexandre Chartogne doesn’t like to be sure of himself. – Sam Davies, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Eric Rodez “Cuvée des Crayères” $59.99

Voluptuous, opulent, and a little austere, Eric Rodez’s “Cuvée des Crayères” is an elegant sparkler for those looking for a more densely packed Champagne. In the heart of the Grand Cru village of Ambonnay, Rodez works primarily with Pinot Noir and some Chardonnay. This specific blend of 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay is vinified in small oak barrels, providing richness, weight, and structure. Orange blossoms, crisp red apples, a touch of toasty oak, and lithe minerality with bright acid make this a pleasure to drink, so be generous with your pours, it’s just that good. – Jose Bonegas, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Perseval-Farge “La Pucelle”, 1er Cru Brut Nature- NV $89.96

With four hectares in the premier cru village of Chaméry, La Pucelle is one of Perseval’s best plots, dedicated solely to growing Pinot Noir that creates wines with emphatic character. Brimming with confidence and swagger that few can replicate in their champagnes, this carries a tangy citrus profile, refreshing acidity, and teems with luscious bubbles. With this single-vineyard Champagne, you should watch the ball drop, not drop the ball! – Jose Bonegas, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Eric Rodez “Empreinte de Terroir” Pinot Noir – 2006 $159.99

The right bottle of Champagne with some age on it is a very wonderful thing indeed. Eric Rodez has graciously crafted this 100% Pinot Noir stunner for us most fortunate wine consumers. Vinified in small oak barrels, with neither malolactic fermentation, cold stabilization, nor filtration, this wine is designed to highlight the terroir of his land. Rich, full-bodied, and displaying as many savory notes as you could possibly think of, this wine should be enjoyed with the slightest of chills. Red fruits, mushrooms, toast, and a hint of tamari! – Vince Grace, Wine & Spirits Consultant