Don’t Miss This Mezcal

This year, celebrate Cinco de Mayo with one of our staff’s favorite mezcals (plus one raicilla) from independent artisans using time-honored traditions. Check out Cinco Sentidos Pechuga de Mole Mezcal from Puebla (the site of the 1862 battle that the holiday commemorates) for a mind-altering, celebration-appropriate sipper.

Mal Bien Espadin Mezcal Artesanal $38.96

How do you prefer your agave spirits, vegetal and smoky or more fresh & clean? If you lean more toward the Outkast version, don’t apologize to Ms. Jackson or anybody else, just buy this and make yourself happy. So fresh and so clean, clean. – Bambi Ray, Sales Manager

Yola Joven Mezcal $49.96

Yola Mezcal is led by La Clandestina Mezcaleria’s Yola Jimenez, who uses agave from her family’s sustainable agave farm. The results are a delight: bright, fresh, and inviting with well integrated smoke. This mezcal strikes that perfect balance between being complex and sippable, but inexpensive enough (for mezcal) to be mixable. – Josh Mizrahi, Sales Manager

Madre Espadin Y Cuishe Mezcal $51.96

This blend of Espadin and Cuishe makes for a bold and refreshing nip of Mezcal. Woodland aromas of pine, fresh mint, and heather. The palate starts savory with animal fats and gamey meat. This is cleansed with a big burst of fresh mint and anise. Swig, breathe deeply, and let this radiate through you. – Sam Davies, Wines & Spirits Consultant

Origen Raíz Wild Cenizo Mezcal – 2017 $79.96

This bottle, 100% wild agave Cenizo, comes not from Oaxaca, but from Durango far to the north. A project of Casa Cortes (the family behind El Jolgorio, Nuestra Soledad, and Agave de Cortes) working with the Saravia family in Durango, Origen Raíz is about local varieties of agave using completely old school and natural production, for true expression of terroir. The palate is cane, papaya, and melon fruits, celery salt, lime zest and lime blossom, with a long lingering bass note of smoke running underneath it all. – Jon Miner, Wines & Spirits Consultant

La Medida Tepeztate Mezcal $116.96

Tepeztate is a notorious agave. Each plant takes at least 25 years to fully mature before it can be harvested and turned into divine mezcal. But the reason it’s so sought after by mezcal lovers is not for the rarity but for the unmistakable complexity of flavor: you’ll find aromas of underripe pineapple, jalapeno skin, walnut toffee, roasted peppers, and a heavy helping of mesquite smoke in this excellent release from La Medida. – Jon Miner, Wines & Spirits Consultant

Cinco Sentidos Pechuga de Mole Mezcal $139.96

Mole poblano is one of the most complex dishes in existence. The wide array of fruits, nuts, vegetables, and spices that are lovingly blended together cohere into one of my all time favorite meals. This Pechuga de Mole Poblano from 5 Sentidos adds mole after the distillation, and then it is distilled once more. The result is dizzyingly aromatic and absolutely delicious. A mezcal for the table if there ever was one! – Vince Grace, Wines & Spirits Consultant

Mezonte Japo Raicilla – 2018 $169.96

An absolutely mesmerizing raicilla from Mezonte. Made in Cabo Corrientes just south of Puerta Vallarta in Jalisco, this is exquisite Mexican barbecue in a bottle. Peppery, spicy, and juicy with notes of brown sugar and a hint of both butter and vinegar, there’s a savory bite to every sip and a satisfyingly long finish. – Marc Mousky, Wines & Spirits Consultant