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  • New & Approved

    Bubbly of The Moment

    There’s something to be said about this Champagne that is hard to describe. There’s a “chewiness”, a deliciousness, and a savory chalkiness that goes hand-in-hand with Champagnes from the Grand Cru village…

  • Wines We Love

    Wines Beyond Napa: Cruising California

    While Napa Valley Cabernet sets the benchmark for California wines, the Golden State is bursting with delicious wines from its many diverse micro-climates. From Anderson Valley’s crisp sparkling wines to Santa Barbara’s…

  • Booze For Thought

    Vibrance and Versatility: A Range of Chardonnays

      Wednesday, October 15th: 20% off all Chardonnay wines    From delicate Champagnes to oaky California whites Chardonnay is a pleasure to drink. Check out the video about to hear sommelier Hannah Selinger suggest…