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  • New & Approved

    Bubbly of The Moment

    There’s something to be said about this Champagne that is hard to describe. There’s a “chewiness”, a deliciousness, and a savory chalkiness that goes hand-in-hand with Champagnes from the Grand Cru village…

  • Wines We Love

    Chardonnay: Our Staff’s Favorites

    We could drink Chardonnay all day—and, in fact, on October 15, we will, as we celebrate Chardonnay Day, our ode to one of the world’s most versatile grapes. Vinify this stunner still,…

  • Booze For Thought

    Vibrance and Versatility: A Range of Chardonnays

      Wednesday, October 15th: 20% off all Chardonnay wines    From delicate Champagnes to oaky California whites Chardonnay is a pleasure to drink. Check out the video about to hear sommelier Hannah Selinger suggest…