Astor Exclusive: Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve

In the continuing series of single cask bottlings hand selected by our staff comes the newest addition of Knob Creek single barrel. The whiskey is brilliant with all the intense complexities we have come to love and expect from Knob Creek and a deep distinctive purity that derives from the fact that the whiskey is un-cut at 60% abv and bottled exclusively from a single barrel.

Initial sweet notes on the nose quickly change to sweet and spicy after multiple passes. Showing an astounding range of aromas and flavors, we found everything from classic characteristics of carmel-apple, vanilla, barrel char and spice to more exotic notes of prickly pear, rich raw honey, freshly fried doughnuts, and preserved stone fruits. Watch the evolution in the glass after a bit of time and notice the emergence of woodsy floral elements and bouquet garni. For such a high level of alcohol, the integration is almost seamless with a well structured experience on the palate. Very limited quantities and needless to say one of a kind, we recommend putting a bit of water in just to make it last a little longer.