Six U.S. Whiskeys Our Staff Loves

From Washington State to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, innovative distillers are bringing their best to a stateside spirits renaissance. Bottled-in-bond bourbons and ryes are joining small batch and single barrel offerings, meeting the growing demand for high-quality whiskeys.

Old Tub Bourbon $36.96

Sweet aromas of charred marshmallow and crème brûlée mingle with spicy notes of freshly-grated cinnamon. This bottled-in-bond bourbon can hold up with a little water or be drank neat. – Matt Goodyear, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Johnny Drum Private Stock 101° Bourbon $39.96

This is my go-to Bourbon to make an old fashioned. True Kentucky jam, drinks neat, tastes of honeycomb, smells of stone fruit and tobacco. – Davit Kirtadze, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Wilderness Trail Astor Single Barrel Rye $67.96

This single barrel rye comes to us from the fine humans at Wilderness Trail Distillery and is a welcome addition. It’s produced using techniques that are simultaneously innovative and traditional, and the end result is phenomenal. Stone fruits, sweet and savory spices, and a hint of dill-like herbaceousness round out this impressive whiskey. – Vince Grace, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Widow Jane 10 Yr. Bourbon $69.96

This is a very classic and traditional style of bourbon. On the nose, you can smell corn and vanilla followed by fruity notes. On the palate, there’s pleasant orange and cherry with a smooth and spicy finish. I would sip it slowly, enjoying all of its different qualities. – Andrea Fraccari, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Kings County Peated Bourbon Whiskey $74.96

Made from organic corn and grain from N.Y. State and malted barley from the UK, this non-chill filtered gem is distilled in Scottish-built copper pot stills. It is a rich, brilliant, and feisty bourbon. Trademark notes of caramel, marshmallow, and vanilla dance alongside smoky dark chocolate, tasty Scotland peat, and a noticeable salinity that cuts the sweetness beautifully. – Marc Mousky, Wines & Spirits Consultant

Westland Sherry Wood Single Malt Whiskey $79.96

If scotch finished in sherry barrels is your thing then Westland is a natural crossover. Malty notes with Oloroso and PX barrel finishing that adds depth and richness. This is a Pacific Northwest standout! – Bambi Ray, Sales Manager