5 Ways To Drink Better on Super Bowl Sunday

No offense to our fine friends in Milwaukee and St. Louis, but when we reach for a drink on Super Bowl Sunday, we require a little more than hops. This year, we’re stepping up our gaming game with the truest red-blooded American spirit: bourbon. We’ve selected five of our favorite tipples that show the breadth of the bourbon movement. These dazzlers are perfect alone or in cocktails, so kick back, put your money on the Broncos or the Seahawks, and head for the end zone with one of these all-American libations.

Fighting Cock Bourbon
After being bottled at 103 proof after aging for six years, you can imagine bourbon deals quite a wallop. The deep, dark maple syrup nose punches you in the face, along with a bit of leather and smoke. The char is intertwined throughout the bourbon. Perfect in a game-day cocktail.

Johnny Drum Private Stock 101° Bourbon
Drew Kulsveen at KBD deftly blends some of their older reserves and bottles the juice at 101 proof. Excellent on the rocks, but ideal with some branch water for slow slipping. This whiskey is highlighted by notes of cedar, peanut, mild caramel, butter, oak spice, and tannin. A solid value for an old-school bourbon and a perfect classic for Sunday

John E. Fitzgerald Larceny Bourbon
Created as a special small-batch bourbon, Larceny is made from 100 barrels or fewer. Distilling in a small batch allows the Master Distillers to choose only those barrels that have achieved the ideal taste profile and reached peak maturity. A touch of sweetness makes this pick perfect on the rocks.

Old Grand Dad 114° Bourbon
This high-quality bourbon has a cult following. It is made with a high percentage of rye in the mashbill, which yields intoxicating, spicy flavors. Join the cult.

New Holland Beer Barrel Bourbon
Staying close to their roots, and reminding us that craft brewing is one of the big reasons craft distilling in this country is so important right now, our friends at New Holland use barrels that once held one of their famous microbrew beers, Dragon Milk Stout, and fill it with three-year-old bourbon to finish for a few months. The result will blow you away, with classic bourbon top notes of vanilla, caramel, and spiced apple that are punctuated with a frothy, bitter chocolate quality drawn from the beer barrels. Another game-changing whiskey from New Holland.