Mezcal Meets Gin: A One Of A Kind Spirit

Pierde Almas produces gourmet, artisanal, small-batch mezcals from naturally fermented agave. They are known not only for their superior products, but also for their social, cultural, and environmental awareness; from fair pay to workers to the cultivation of chemical- and fertilizer free maguey agave plantations, Pierde Almas strives to create mezcals that are better tasting and better for the world. Their newest expression, the 9, is actually the first of its kind in the North American marketplace. A blend of both mezcal and gin, it is the brainchild of distiller Jonathan Barbieri, who wanted to integrate some of the spirit world’s most recognizable flavors into his blend. This spirit combines double-distilled mezcal and a nine-botanical-infused gin, the two of which are macerated together for 24 hours before undergoing a third distillation. The result is an earthy, smoky product, enlivened with notes of coriander, fennel, and orange peel. Though this can be used in any cocktail—and happily, at that—we suggest sipping this one neat.

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