Irish Whiskey: Our Favorite Offerings

Irish Whiskey is Having a Revival

Irish whiskey is experiencing a revival. In fact, it’s one of the fastest-growing spirits categories in the world. And with St. Patrick’s Day upon us, this is a great time to introduce yourself to our exciting portfolio. Let sales members Erik Guzinski and Steven Bowles, as well as spirits buying team Cristina Nichols and Nima Ansari-Bahmani, offer up their favorite selections.

Teeling Whiskey Company Irish Whiskey
If your experience with Irish whiskey has been limited to shots of “Jay-mo” at the local dive, here’s your chance to break out. The body is medium to medium-light—as an Irish whiskey should be—and the nose is a spicy mix of vanilla bean and fresh coffee. However, the star of the show is its savory, malty character—finished with six months aging Flor de Cana rum cask. It gives the spirit a fun, spicy, woody, caramel note that cleverly disguises its 46% ABV. This presents a wonderful opportunity for drinkers to grow their palates without breaking the bank. – EG

Green Spot Pot Still Irish Whiskey
One of the more exciting Irish whiskeys here in the United States and certainly proven to be one of the most popular choices is currently on our shelves! Complex flavors from barley patiently aged up to eight years giving a wide range of sweet malty grain character, orchard fruit, and subtle hints of dried fig influencing this whiskey. Try the Yellow Spot if you really want to pull out all the stops! – SB

Knappogue 12 year Single Cask Irish Whiskey
If you’re looking for a gorgeous springtime sipper, this is it. Soft and delicate, beautiful honey and floral notes intertwine with hints of pine nuts and peanut brittle. A touch of petrol on the finish reminds you of this whiskey’s prowess. – CN

Powers John’s Lane Release Irish Whiskey
This is one of the releases that solidified the arrival of the amazing Irish whiskey revival that’s currently taking place. A complete single pot still whiskey that fully shows the distinctive qualities of this special style unique to Irish whiskey. A big reason Irish whiskey is again the fastest growing distilled spirit in the world. – NAB

Redbreast 12yr Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey
Already one of the most highly-praised whiskeys in the world, it’s hard to overstate Redbreast’s contribution to the whiskey world. Easy-drinking, full-flavored, and complex all at the same time, this is one of the most delicious Irish whiskeys on the shelf. – NAB

West Cork 10yr Single Malt
West Cork is one of Ireland’s newest distilleries and this small outfit has some of the category’s most exciting bottlings in store. For now, this entry-level 10 year single malt over-delivers on flavor for half the average price tag. A not-to-be-missed value. – NAB