Sparkling Wines to Drink All Year

Sparkling Wines you Need in your Collection


You would do yourself a huge favor to dedicate an entire month to drinking sparkling wines exclusively. It would provide helpful blinders to explore certain wine regions with focus. Plus, sparking wines are intrinsically fun and a phase would make a lot of people in your life very happy. We advocate drinking sparkling wines before meals, with meals, and for no occasion at all. Trust us—there’s a fizzy beauty for every situation. Join the avant-garde with these off-the-grid sparkling wines. Here are some exciting picks from sales associates Erik Guzinski and Marcarthur Barallo, and wine buyer Lorena Ascencios.

Jansz Premium Rosé – NV $23.96
In case you’re unfamiliar with sparkling Tasmania, here’s your introduction. This little devil will knock your socks off. At 55% Chardonnay and 45% Pinot Noir, it features bright red fruit, a creamy mid-palate, and a long finish. Gives Champagne a run for its money. – EG

Lahèrte Frères, Ultradition, Extra Brut – NV $41.96
For an entry-level Champagne, the Ultradition will surprise you. Green apple, toasted bread, nutty with a mineral finish, it’s a rich wine to match your seafood dinner. I challenge you to find better for that price! – MB

Prosecco, Extra Dry, Bedin – NV $29.96
A magnum of Prosecco makes a statement. This one is from the Bedin family, based in the Asolo subregion of the Veneto. The clay soils of the area give a more exuberant expression of fruits on the palate. An excellent sparkling wine to pair with starters. – LA

Voirin-Jumel, Blanc de Blancs 1er Cru Brut – NV $39.96
A Champagne from one of the great growers in the village of Cramant in the Côte des Blancs. Aromatic and full of luscious minerals. This is not a mere toasting wine but a Champagne to enjoy throughout a meal. – LA

Guidobono, Segretevigne – 2013 $32.96
As experts in Nebbiolo, we thought we’d seen it all until we were caught off guard by this sparkling version. Made with two fermentations in the Champagne style, this has real complexity that allows the regal grape to radiate. – LA

Sparkling Vinhão “Yakkos” Grande Reserve, Aphros – 2006 $26.96
An intense sparkling red wine from Portugal from one of the great family estates located in the Vinho Verde area. Dry on the palate and made with two fermentations from the indigenous Vinhão grape. – LA