Cider is the Perfect Drink

Let Cider Charm You


With its low alcohol and aromatic qualities, cider is an easygoing and charming companion. We love that it’s complex yet unpretentious. It has folksy roots in the United States and Europe, but the recent surge of interest during our current artisanal boom means it’s bound for unknown heights. Get in with cider now so you can say you go way back when it hits the big-time. Cider wisdom comes from sales associates Tammie Teclemariam, and Marcarthur Barallo, and sales manager Bambi Ray.

Poiré “Authentique,” Bordelet – 2015 $17.96
Fresh white fruit, acidity, minerality, and bubbles, all rounded out with the perfect touch of sweetness. I could be describing demi-sec Champagne or sparkling Vouvray, but no, this is just some of the most elegant pear cider around. Bordelet is a magical pairing for food, such as scrambled eggs with brioche, chopped liver of all sorts, and chicken tenders. – TT

Manoir du Kinkiz, “Cornouaille” Cider – NV $17.96
A cider that will challenge your tastebuds with its high tannins, acidity, and yeasty flavor. This is very classic of the Brittany variety. Great with sharp cheese. – MB

Wölffer No. 139 Dry Rosé Cider 4 pack $16.96
Need a new, low ABV pre-game beverage? Want a refreshing thirst-quencher with just a bit of extra kick? Made from New York state apples with a splash of their famous rosé, Wölffer cider addresses all these needs. It’s a welcome addition to any party or a great treat for yourself! – BR