Irish Whiskey Forever

Erin go Bragh


Ireland’s whiskey scene has picking up steam the past ten years. Just a decade ago, three distilleries were charged with maintaining the range of an iconic drink. Today, new distilleries have grown the category with revived commitments to innovation and flavor.

Magnificent malts and lithe blends await! Read on for highlights of fresh takes and classic drams from our team.

Green Spot Pot Still Irish Whiskey $64.99

There is a reason that the famous “Spot” series from the Mitchell family inspires such a broad base of devotees. Simply put, Green Spot is a classic that doesn’t ever get old. – Nima Ansari, Spirits Buyer

The Irishman Founder’s Reserve Irish Whiskey $34.96

Great bang-for-your-buck whiskey that also delivers nuance and more complexity than you’d expect. Something everyone should always be on the lookout for—a easy sipper that is never boring. – Nima Ansari, Spirits Buyer

Power’s Irish Whiskey $37.99

The flagship expression from this old whiskey house seems to get overlooked next to the flash of special edition releases. It’s time to get reacquainted with this solid, delicious spirit. We have a feeling it’s going to earn a permanent spot in your rotation. – Nima Ansari, Wine Buyer

Gelston’s Old Irish Single Malt Whiskey $529.96

I got to taste this once, close to a year ago. The flavor still lingers in my mind and that’s a wonderful thing. A rare malt whiskey that is smooth, rich, complex, and worth every penny. – Josh Mizrahi, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Dingle Single Malt Irish Whiskey $99.99

This distillery is set to make big waves in the whiskey world, starting in the burgeoning scene in Ireland. The Dingle’s expressions re-establishing Irish whiskeys as some of the world’s best and their first US release is a beautiful sign of things to come. – Nima Ansari, Spirits Buyer