Rosé: The Perfect Pairing For All of Your Favorite Summer Foods

It’s rosé season, you guys!

Gone are the days when ‘rosé’ meant sticky sweet wines from a box. More quality rosés are hitting our shores than ever before, and they’re available in every shade and style imaginable. Here’s a handy guide to picking the perfect rosé for your every summer menu.

Fresh Summer Salads

Delicate, herbal rosés bring out the fresh green notes in salads and balance the acidity of tart vinaigrettes.

Our Favorites:
Minervois Rosé, La Tour Boisée – 2011
Cabernet de Saumur Rosé, Réserve des Vignerons – 2011
Coteaux de Varois Rosé, Dom. la Colombe – 2011


Grilled Fish and Chicken:

Medium-bodied rosés stand up to smokiness from the grill without overwhelming white fish and meat.

Our Favorites:
Markowitsch Rosé, Carnuntum – 2011
Zinc Rosé, Vins de Pays d’Oc – 2011
Brun d’ Folie Rosé, Terres Dorées, Jean Paul Brun – 2011


Burgers and BBQ:

Full-bodied, juicy rosés are the perfect match for red meat, and their fruitiness balances sticky sauces.

Our Favorites:
Parés Balta “Ros de Pacs” Rosé – 2011
Jelu, Rosé de Malbec – 2011
JP Azeitao Rosé, Bacalhoa – 2011