Step Up Your Game: 5 Pairings For Your Favorite Super Bowl Sunday Snacks

Think twice before you reach for that can of Budweiser on Super Bowl Sunday. Sure, a clean domestic brew goes well with chicken wings, but we’ve curated a list of some of our favorite wines that will bring out the hot in the Frank’s Red Hot. We’re making some new pigskin traditions with sippers that pair perfectly with the smoky, salty, and decadent fare of one of our country’s greatest unofficial holidays. So get your game face on and dive in to one of our national passions: wine!

CHILI: 2010 Stephen Vincent Merlot – $13.96
An everyday Merlot for everyone. Dark and lush with ripe plum and unoaked flavors, this red wine is an easy pairing with both chili and burgers.

NACHOS: NV The Chook Sparkling Shiraz – $18.99
This might not seem like an obvious choice, but the slightly sweet red fizz cuts through the salty overload of nachos, and the intense fruit flavors are a perfect contrast to all that spice. It’s great served with a chill, just like a beer.

WINGS: 2011 Cristobal Extra Brut, Blanc de Blancs – $9.96 (on sale)
There is no better pairing with chicken wings than sparkling white wine or Champagne. The dryness and acidity of this particular Blanc de Blancs will really cut into the spice of the sauce. Serve chilled.

CHIPS AND DIPS: 2010 Love, Oregon Riesling – $13.96 (on sale)
Rieslings are some of the most versatile white wines around and this cool, off-dry Riesling will charm you with its easy accessibility and drinkability. A clean, dry finish will be the perfect balance to spicy salsa.

SLIDERS: 2009 Rizzi Barbera d’Alba – $14.96
You might automatically reach for a beer to go with that burger, but consider this Barbera and you’ll soon see that red wine is the perfect pairing. Its rich cherry and black currant flavors, high acidity, and low tannin content work well with the charred flavors of the meat and just about whatever toppings you opt for.