Meet The Maker: Le Loup Blanc Wines with Alain Rochard

Alain Rochard has a clear passion for the natural winemaking process. Meet the producer of Le Loup Blanc wines and explore his special creations below.

Minervois “La Mère Grand”, Le Loup Blanc – 2009
Wow! This is concentrated and luscious, so you’ll love it if you’re the type who likes full-bodied reds. This is made from old-vine (we’re talking older than your grandmother!) Carignan, Grenache, and Syrah. The color is intense (nearly black) and the tannins perfectly ripe.

Minervois “Le Régal”, Le Loup Blanc – 2011
This producer is something of a Carignan specialist, with a reputation for brilliant and charming Carignan-based wines. This one is 50% Carignan, with the rest Grenache and Syrah. Compellingly full with red and dark berries with rich, nutritious tannins.

VdP Val de Cesse “Les Trois P’tits C”, Le Loup Blanc – 2008
A wild blend of Tempranillo, Alicante, and Grenache that’s aged in barrel for nearly two years before bottling. This comes from the Minervois of southern France, but since the atypical Tempranillo grape variety is in the blend, they cannot technically call it a Minervois. Instead, they’ve chosen “Trois Petits C,” or the three little pigs. From a Practicing Organic winemaker.