A Gorgeous And Naturally Produced Prosecco From Italy

At the recent Natural Wine Event at Astor Center, we had the chance to meet the lovely Paolo Bressan and taste their vineyard’s Prosecco DOC “Col Fondo,” Ca’ dei Zago – 2012

About this Prosecco:

Light and refreshing, this delicate Glera can be enjoyed with light snacks and at any time of day. Light cream, asian pear notes ripple through the sparkle of this gossamer wine. In Valdobbiadene, Prosecco Col Fondo is often stored standing upright, then decanted into a pitcher, reserving the last bit of sediment-rich wine to be tasted separately. The whole winter season the wine rests and is decanted in stainless steel tanks with periodic stirring in order to keep it homogeneous and to let the yeasts work.