The Best Rum You Will Ever Taste For the Best Price

Rum Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

If you are looking for spirits with history, authenticity, and versatility–spirits that are cocktail-worthy, collector-worthy, sip-worthy, fun, serious, young, old, and covering a huge a spectrum of varieties–you are looking for rum. Yes, rum is made from sugar cane, but not all rums are sweet. It’s not just meant to be consumed in the hot summer months or on vacations to the Caribbean.

Rum’s greatest attribute is perhaps the source of its ongoing issues. Because it is the most unregulated category in the world of spirits, the sky’s the limit in terms of what producers can distill. A lack of regulation has, unfortunately, made it confusing for some imbibers. Thankfully, there is a way out of this Bermuda Triangle. The wealth of classic cocktail culture built around this category of spirit, its long history, and the many new expressions are all shedding light on rum’s unparalleled depth. The best part about it is, perhaps, the incredible value still available. No other spirits category even comes close. Here are some of best buys we have found. Join us on this wild, free-spirited journey of good drinking.

Mount Gay Black Barrel Astor Blend: Our own exclusive blend of the new Black Barrel from the oldest rum brand in the world. We hand-selected key stocks of rare pot-still and column-still rums and blended them together for the perfect all-in-one expression.

Hamilton 151 Demerara Overproof Rum: It used to be Lemon Hart, but now it is Hamilton 151. This is a must-have bottle for all of your classic rum drinks. Simply put, it is indispensable, must-have stuff.

Owney’s New York City Rum: Though subtle, the range of flavors covered here are amazing, making this especially versatile for mixing. A great effort from this burgeoning one-woman-show in Brooklyn.

The best values in rum

Plantation Belize Astor Single Cask: Alexandre Gabriel is the owner of Maison Ferrand, a classic Cognac House. But over the past decade, his obsession with rum has taken him to new heights. His masterful blending and single-cask selections have made him famous the world over. This rare, extra old offering from Belize is a perfect example of how rum can be serious, delicious, and a great value all at once.

Damoiseau Virgin Cane Rhum Agricole: Afraid rums are all sweet? Try some unaged rum agricole and you’ll never think that again. Made from fresh-pressed cane juice only, this rum reminds us that cane is, after all, a grass. The spectrum of flavors revealed here is in a class of its own–and completely addictive once one acquires a taste. This is “Rhum Originale,” as the French are fond of saying, rum as it was intended to be.

Astor White Rum: To further demonstrate our commitment to this great category and the unmatched qualities it possesses, we commissioned our own rum from none other than the historic Diamond Distillers in Guyana. They have been making rum for centuries on antique stills exclusively from Demerara sugar cane. Where else can you get a value like that for $12 on the liter? We know the answer to that now.