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No other spirit is quite as cozy or warming as Scotch whisky, with its alluring smokiness, honeyed fruits, and baking spices. Whether you prefer a rich, cigar-worthy Scotch or something for an invigorating whisky cocktail, there’s a nearly endless variety of Scotland’s national spirit. For recommendations on which Scotch to pour next, we turned to sales staff members Erik Guzinski, Marcarthur Baralla, Steven Bowles, Josh Mizrahi, and Tammie Teclemariam as well as sales manager Bambi Ray.

Whiskies of Scotland 24yr Bunnahabhain Scotch – 1989 $149.96
Our entire Whiskies of Scotland line is excellent, but the Bunnahabhain 24-year has very quickly become a showpiece example of their work. Bunnahabhain’s peat profile is friendlier than most of its louder Islay neighbors and is a complex mixture of medium smoke, just enough brine, and a long finish characterized by rich, savory, cooked fruit. It isn’t showy, but is very precise, clean, and sophisticated. – EG

Auchentoshan 12 Yr. Scotch $46.99
A Lowland easy-drinking Scotch with round and complex flavor. Sweetness and nuttiness with citrus and a touch of vanilla. This 12-year single malt is a daily drinking Scotch that perfectly reflects the Auchentoshan distillery style. “Auchentoshan” translated from Gaelic means “field of the corner”. – MB

Bowmore Small Batch Single Malt Scotch $29.99
As far as introducing Islay-style single malts to a novice go, Bowmore Small Batch is an excellent entry point. Salty, peaty but not intensely so, whole grain cake malt, ginger and toasted spices on the nose are inviting. On the palate it’s easy to soak in at 80 proof leading to soft, fruit-forward notes, honey, and a retro nasal experience to unlock even more aromatics. – SB

The Six Isles Scotch $39.96
Do you want to get into Islay single malts, but fear that they are too smoky? Do you love Islay single malts, but balk at spending 50, 60, or 70 dollars and up? Coming in under $40, the Six Isles blended Scotch is a great choice for you. Here you have a blend of all six Scottish Islands that produce Scotch: Islay, Jura, Skye, Mull, Orkney, and Arran. Balanced with a wonderfully integrated smoky peat note, this could be your gateway to the Islands of Scotland. – JM

Bruichladdich Claggan, Cruach Island and Mulindary Farms Islay Barley $64.99
Bruichladdich makes some of the smokiest Scotch around, but their unpeated editions also have a lot to offer as well. When you take the smoke out of Islay Scotch, you’re left with the tangy influence from the region’s sea salt air. Couple that with barley grown from farms in the area and you’ve got a real Scotch of terroir that could please any palate. – TT

Glenfarclas Astor Family Cask Scotch Whisky – 1989 $249.96
Glenfarclas! Glenfarclas! Glenfarclas! I love this distillery’s entire line of spirits, but this exclusive bottling is truly a shining star. If fruitier single malts are your thing, this spirit offers notes of baked apples, pears, honey, nuts & much much more. This experience in a glass is worth every penny! – BR