Calvados and Other French Spirits You Will Love

French Spirits such as Calvados are Sure to Please


The French are known for their winemaking talents, but they’re also masters of spirits and liqueurs, such as Calvados. In fact, some of history’s most beloved cocktails wouldn’t exist without such fine spirits as Calvados, Cognac, Armagnac or Cointreau. For example, to make an Apple Old-Fashioned, just combine maple syrup, Angostura bitters, and Calvados. For suggestions on French spirits – whether it be a Cognac or a Calvados – we turned to sales associates Erik Guzinski, Tammie Teclemariam as well as assistant spirits buyer Cristina Nichols and spirits buyer Nima Ansari-Bahmani.

Armorik Exclusive Cask Single Malt $99.96
Whisky from France? You bet your baguette they make whisky! In Brittany, they’ve been doing it for centuries! In Northwest France they grow barley and have pristine water sources and it’s the perfect location to make single malts. Armorik boldly matures their whisky in Sauternes casks, which is very rare. The whisky itself exhibits nutty, dried fruit aromatics, and the palate gives you marzipan, spice, and a sea salt finish. – EG

Double Zero Cyril Zangs Cider Eau De Vie $79.96
Imagine for a moment a spirit at once sweet, tart, and fruity – backed by the perfume of the most perfect, crunchy green apple you’ve ever had. Or you can make it real with a bottle of this eau-de-vie. Easily one of the most fun and fresh brandies I’ve ever had, it’s a must if you love sour candy. – TT

Rozelieures Origin Single Malt Whisky $39.96
As a buyer seeing the whisky scene explode in popularity and in price, it’s refreshing to find delicious quality drams at very affordable price points. Rozelieures is no new comer with its 150 year history, and their expertise shows. Aged in both sherry and French brandy casks, this whisky offers beautifully integrated notes of mahogany and vanilla puff pastry cream with some gentle wood fire smoke on the finish. – CN

Michel Huard Reserve Le Pertyer Calvados $59.99
A blend composed of barrels from 1990, 1992, and 1999, this Calvados exudes a perfumed elegance of intriguing apple and refined pear notes. It’s a Calvados that has a rounded mouthfeel with yummy cinnamon baked apples that glide across the palate and leaves you smacking your lips. This Calvados goes great with a cheese platter. Plus, Calvados makes a perfect cold weather spirit. – CN

Domaine d’ Ognoas XO Astor Armagnac $51.96
Made on a vintage 1804 still that is one of the oldest in operation, this historic estate makes traditional brandies that are full of depth and complexity. For the army of folks hunting down old American whiskey, this affordable and accessible spirit is your next eye-opening bottle. – NAB

Ch. De Pellehaut 27yr Tenarèze Armagnac – 1989 $99.96
A perfect example of why Europe’s oldest spirit is about to be the next big thing. Made by a multi-generational family owned estate, this vintage brandy was aged for 27 years before being bottled undiluted, at cask strength. Simply put, you will not find another aged spirit of this quality at and rarity at this price point. A phenomenal value and a welcome reprieve from the rising prices in other categories. – NAB

Laurent Cazottes Wild Quince Liq. $49.99
Made by master artisan Laurent Cazotte, this quince liqueur is made from fruit that is found growing wild on the family estate in the south of France. Made with a conscientious sustainable philosophy at heart, Cazotte’s products are certified organic in France and have layers of flavors not easily achieved otherwise as a result. – NAB