Pinot Noir is a Wine for Everyone

Pinot Noir for All


Pinot Noir is everyone’s darling. Charming, gracious, and of excellent breeding, casual wine drinkers and hardcore collectors alike all have something nice to say about it. Unlike quirky grape varieties that polarize the people they meet, Pinot Noir doesn’t require an adventurous attitude or bracing for a wild encounter. The early fall, with its crisp air and spiced aromas, is Pinot Noir season. Discover some of its varied expressions with these selections from sales associates Heather Gordon, Elizabeth Smith, Erik Guzinski, Josh Mitzrahi, and sales managers Doug Yacka and Bambi Ray.

Hardesty Cellars, Pinot Noir – 2015 $21.96
I would definitely take home the Hardesty Cellars Pinot Noir to meet my parents. Light in tannin but bold in fruit. Autumn-ripened cranberries, rhubarb, and rain-stained asphalt. – HG

The Eyrie Vineyards, Pinot Noir, Dundee Hills – 2014 $37.99
It’s hard to have a bad day when you get to curl up with a brimming glass of Eyrie Pinot Noir. Nose reminiscent of chilled, overly sun-soaked raspberries. High-toned crisp green vines coat your palate with a silk-spun sheath of thin tannins. Ripe plums and sun-baked heirloom tomatoes. – HG

Bacchus “Ginger’s Cuvée” Pinot Noir – 2016 $12.96
This delightful Pinot Noir delivers a bouquet of beautiful red fruits on the nose: cherry, pomegranate, raspberry, and tart red plum, with light touches of earth, red liquorice, and cedar. It’s an extraordinarily versatile wine which pairs fantastically with dishes from baked salmon to Chinese roast duck. – ES

Casa Marín, “Lo Abarca Hills” Pinot Noir – 2009 $42.96
This wine reaps the benefits of its vineyard’s proximity to the Pacific Ocean and vines here are planted on a steep slope to utilize a variety of soil types and sun exposures. The results are terrific: a fuller-bodied Pinot with fruit to match, but its elegance lies in its earthiness, spice, and judicious use of wood. – EG

Folk Tree “Village Series” Pinot Noir – 2015 $9.96
Here is a rarity in the world of Pinot Noir, one that is both cheap and cheerful. There are very few inexpensive Pinot Noirs that you’d want to drink, so this Folk Tree from California is a rare treat. Bright plum notes and a touch of vanilla take me right to my happy place and I’ll be smiling all the way to the bank. – JM

Sancerre Rouge “Croix du Roy”, Lucien Crochet – 2011 $31.96
While Sancerre will likely always be known for its whites, a good amount of Pinot Noir is vinified in the region as well. Lucien Crochet’s is a stellar example. Delicate aromas of cherry, fresh cut herbs, and minerals are followed by an elegant, balanced expression on the palate. Burgundy fans, here is a new friend for you! – DY

Nuits-St.-Georges 1er Cru “Les Cras,” Yves Lamadon-Mouillard – 2009 $74.96
Pinot Noir is fascinating and mysterious because a single bottle often contains an ever-evolving array of scents and flavors. Opening this bottle is like unleashing the flavor genie! Licorice, spices, damp earth, and dried and stewed fruits all come into play. This wine contains something for everyone! – BR