Red Wine Revamp

New year, new red wine!

Get out of your red wine routine with some inspiration from the Astor staff. When it comes to red wine, we like everything from the luscious and full to angled and lean. This lineup is as diverse as our desires. Jump in and discover something new in red wine territory. These suggestions come from sales associates Josh Mizrahi, Jon Miner, Marcarthur Baralla, Jared McGuire, Amy Miller, Charles Prusik, and Tara Gruszkiewicz, and sales managers Sara Sparks and Bambi Ray.

BURA, Plavac “Fresh” – 2016 $16.96

People like to go on about how the grape Plavac Mali is related to Primitivo and Zinfandel. The important thing here is that this wine from Croatia is delicious. It manages to be big and rich without being heavy. Aromatic fruit and earth notes abound, making this a true pleasure to drink. – Josh

Moscato Nero Secco, Biava – 2013 $19.96

This might be the only dry red Moscato you’ll ever find. It’s elegant, fantastically spicy, herbaceous, and aromatically complex to a degree rarely seen in red wines. A truly unique bottle to enjoy on its own or paired with a fine array of salumi. – Jon

Poco a Poco Zinfandel, Russian River – 2014 $18.96

This is a Russian River Zinfandel that doesn’t convey the jammy signature of the region but expresses great fruit and tannins. The neutral oak allows the grape to shine without hiding its subtlety.  Great wine to pair with BBQ or grilled meat. – Marcarthur

“A l’Ouest”, Dom. des Amiel – 2014 $19.96

Inky, gorgeously extracted, with thrilling acidity and firm tannins.  This wine is unapologetic, seductive, and exhilarating. – Jared

Pinot Noir “Momtazi Vineyard,” Montebruno Wine Co. – 2014 $29.96

A pure expression of fruit and place with no adornments or manipulations. Fresh scents of cranberry and spice are followed by soft black cherry, earth, and iron on the palate. A real standout in the Oregon Pinot world. – Amy

Broadside “Margarita Vineyard” Cabernet Sauvignon – 2014 $19.96

This single vineyard bottling is everything you could want from a California Cabernet. It shows both power and balance, elegance and concentration, dark berries and great minerality. Perfect with beef, lamb, or duck dishes. – Charles

Montefalco Sagrantino, Di Filippo – 2013 $49.96

A pure, robust expression of Sagrantino, this deep, dark red wine evokes cooked plums and blackberries. It begs to pair with lamb or venison. – Tara

Weon Carignan – 2016 $15.96

Carignan is a star and in Chile it’s a shooting star. Notes of crushed black rock, sugar-coated rose petals, savory white pepper, and a touch of green tomato emanate from this raspberry-colored wine, and once it opens up, dark fruit emerges. If you get excited about seemingly simple wine that over-delivers, Weon the same page. – Sara

Ribeira Sacra, Ora et Labora – 2014 $23.96

The slate soils of the Ribeira Sacra produce light, buoyant reds made from Mencía. The grape offers dark fruit, soft tannins, and superb minerality. This red wine is a flexible match for many foods ranging from grilled octopus to spicy sausage, so grab a few bottles! – Bambi