Agave Spirits: Succulent Tequila & Mezcal

Desert hearts


Agave is an incredible desert plant with a robust range of species. These succulents are fueled by the rich nectar that grows in the plant’s heart. Agave makes for intensely complex Tequila, wildly diverse Mezcals, and sensational Sotol.

Get festive with these delicious desert picks from our staff.

Arette Blanco Tequila $22.96

Tequila is a lot like Pinot Noir: there are not a lot of cheap ones that you would want to drink. Arette is one of my personal faves—bright, fresh, clean, with a wonderful play of citrus and herbaceous earthiness. Mixed or neat, it’s a definite treat. – Josh Mizrahi, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Agave de Cortes Joven Mezcal $36.96

The rise in popularity of Mezcal has resulted in steep price increases as agave supplies become more and more strained. So when you find above-average, traditionally-made stuff at a price like this, you have to seize it. – Nima Ansari-Bahmani, Spirits Buyer

Herencia Blanco Tequila $29.96

If you’re looking for authentic complex spirits, you’ll be rewarded by going outside the obvious big brands in Tequila world. Best of all, these Tequilas typically come with a better price tags—such as this excellent blanco from a top Highland producer. – Nima Ansari-Bahmani, Spirits Buyer

Fabriquero Sotol $67.96

With the rise of Tequila and Mezcal, lesser seen—but equally interesting—agave categories are becoming more widely available. Take this rare Sotol from a top Durango producer as exhibit A. – Nima Ansari-Bahmani, Spirits Buyer

La Venenosa Sierra Occidental de Jalisco Raicilla $64.99

Although Tequila is technically a kind of Mezcal, the similarities between the two are like apples and oranges. If you’re looking for more traditional Mezcal from Tequila country, then you’re looking for Raicilla. – Nima Ansari-Bahmani, Spirits Buyer

Rezpiral Leonardo Wild Coyote Mezcal $99.96

An open secret in Oaxaca is that many of the best Mezcals never get sold as such, due to complex and prohibitive regulations. Rezpiral tries to remain true to the uncompromising artisanship of these traditional producers, allowing the producers to bottle de-classified agave spirits of the utmost quality. – Nima Ansari-Bahmani, Spirits Buyer