Piedmont: Age-worthy & Pizza-ready

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Found at the foot of the Alps, Piedmont is coddled by the warmth of the Mediterranean and the cold air off the mountain range, cultivating complex wines with dense flavors. Be on the lookout for rich, age-worthy wines from legendary producers. Or, relish in juicy, earthy wines, like Barbera, that are natural pairs for pizzas and peppery salads.

Explore this essential region with these delightful picks from our staff.

Dolcetto d’Alba “Nonna Marcellina”, Cagliero $14.96

This Dolcetto is filled with deep, inviting aromas of dark berries interlaced with delicate spice that really please the senses. Don’t be fooled though, this wine is dry and, with a touch of tannin lending a bit of structure, it is a great pair with a whole host of cuisine. – Steven Bowles, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Rosato Brut “Barott,” Cagliero $16.96

A beautiful sparkling rosé is probably not what you were expecting from Piedmont. The Rosato Brut “Barott,” Cagliero has deep color and dry finish, making for a great sparkling experience before, during, or after a meal. – Josh Mizrahi, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Campi Raudii, Vallana 2008 $24.96

This library release from the Alto Piemonte speaks to a more elegant and charming style of Nebbiolo. It boasts alluring flavors of dried rose buds, raspberry, and spicy red licorice while sporting such sultry texture. – Jose Bangegas, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Gattinara, Petterino 2004 $39.96

Few grapes reward aging like Nebbiolo. This bottle is perfectly mature, showing well developed aromas of roses, baking spice, truffle, and dried red cherries. – Jon Miner, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Barbera d’Alba, Gigi Bianco 2013 $24.96

An elegant, structured Barbera that is delightfully easy to drink. Tasty redcurrant and cherry notes with a leathery smoothness make it a perfect pairing for Bolognese or skirt steak. – Marc Mousky, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Langhe Rosso, Roagna – 2013 $38.99

The lovechild of Barolo and Barbaresco, Roagna’s Lange Rosso combines younger vines from both regions. The outcome creates an elegant burst of flowers and cherries along with an undertone of tar, soft tannins, and cedar. – Hilary Fasen, Wine & Spirits Consultant