Your Next Martini: Six Staff Pick Vodkas & Gins

There’s a whole world of clear spirits beyond Ketel and Bombay. For this weekend’s martini, try California-made vodka infused with marigold and chamomile or Japanese gin that incorporates red shiso and Kyoto yuzu.

Amass California Vodka $34.96

Master distiller Morgan Mclachlan travelled to Copenhagen to study the Scandanavian traditions of distilling. Marigold, chamomile, and lemon zest are distilled into organic grain spirit. Its aromas and flavors make this one of the few vodkas that is enjoyable on its own. – Chung Park, Wines & Spirits Consultant

Core Vodka $36.96

Core vodka is made from Hudson Valley apples that are triple distilled with a singular filtration and zero additives. Don’t let this make you think it’s a flavored vodka. The taste is clean and fresh with a just a hint of Fuji apples on it. – Teddy Daly, Wines & Spirits Consultant

Letherbee Vernal Gin 2021 $39.96

For their Summer release, the Letherbee outfit out of Chicago decided to let the bright infectious energy of the season dictate their main ingredient. Using the cleanly citric nature of grapefruit, they still come away with a refreshingly dry take on the fruit that would be complimentary in a French 75 cocktail. – Jose Banegas, Wines & Spirits Consultant

Four Pillars Olive Branch Gin $39.96

This gin was tailor made for people like me who prefer a brinier, dirtier, Mediterranean style of Gin cocktail as opposed to more citrus-forward styles. Using olives sourced from the renowned Cobram Estate in Victoria, Australia, the Olive Branch Gin is rich, smooth and satisfying with a touch of salinity. Use this in your next Gibson with dry vermouth, fino sherry, and a cocktail onion. – Marc Mousky, Wines & Spirits Consultant

Vanagandr London Dry Gin $74.96

Based in Galicia in northwestern Spain, Enrique Pena takes extraordinary care in every detail of production, from sourcing the highest quality ingredients, to distilling small batches in copper pot stills to proofing with the local Galician water. Juniper is front and center, rounded out with cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, orange and Angelica root. The result is a stunningly fresh and vibrant gin that shines in a gin & tonic and makes a dazzling martini. – Amy Miller, Wines & Spirits Consultant

Ki No Bi Kyoto Dry Gin $75.96

This is, in my opinion, a very well balanced gin where citrus, green tea and juniper are the main flavors. The citrus notes are well integrated with the green tea flavors: this gin is delicate with a smooth bitterness in the finish. Perfect for dry style Martini. – Andrea Fraccari, Wines & Spirits Consultant