Super-Natural Wines

Celebrate spooky season with spirited reds, mind-bending whites, resurrected méthode ancestrale pét-nats, and cloudy orange pours. Shop all 600 of our organic, biodynamic, and natural wines with a little guidance below from our staff—if you dare!


Barbera del Monferrato, Oreste Buzio $11.96

A red wine that’s generous yet unoaked; fresh and fruity on the palate yet dry and luscious. If you don’t have a house wine, consider this your best bet. One of the few Italian wines you can enjoy alone, alongside take-out, and definitely with unexpected guests. – Lorena Ascencios, Head Wine Buyer

Divin Poison, Rouge $23.96

Made by Christophe Bosque with little manipulation in the vineyards or cellar. Don’t let the skull & crossbones scare you off. There’s nothing but dark and delightful juice inside this bottle. – Bambi Ray, Sales Manager

Donkey and Goat “Gallivanter” Red Blend $24.96

Jared and Tracey Brandt craft some of the finest natural wines in California. A blend of Merlot, Grenache, and Mourvèdre, the Gallivanter is all about juicy blackberries, bright raspberries, a little earthiness, and black pepper. Serve this slightly chilled at your next barbecue. – Amy Miller, Wines & Spirits Sales Consultant

Chianti Colli Senesi “Il Garrulo”, Montenidoli $24.96

Winemaker Elisabetta Fagioli has been called the “soul of Chianti.” Her holistic approach to viticulture translates seamlessly into Montenidoli’s wines. This organic Chianti Colli Senesi is delicious, refined, and food friendly. A red wine that’s as dependable as the cycles of the moon. – Teddy Daly, Wines & Spirits Consultant

Scheurebe Kabinett Annaberg, Koehler-Ruprecht $24.96

Scheurebe is a cross between Riesling and Bukettraube, and these days it’s a fairly rare variety in its German homeland. This expression comes from lime and sandstone soils and possesses a fine mineral quality in addition to the stone fruit, floral, and grapefruit aromas. – Vince Grace, Assistant Wine Buyer

Grüner Veltliner “Hefeabzug”, Nikolaihof $27.99

Nikolaihof have been making wines for centuries and have basically always been organic. This Grüner strikes that balance of wine that’s dry, crisp, food friendly, and easy going and one that you can geek out about (check out Nikolaihof’s long history and this wine’s extensive lees aging). – Josh Mizrahi, Sales Manager

Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi “Rincrocca” Classico Riserva, La Staffa $29.96

For those seeking qualities of premier-cru-level Chablis, but from an underappreciated region at half the price, this bottling from La Staffa, born from 50+-year-old, biodynamically-farmed Verdicchio vines in the Castelli di Jesi in coastal Le Marche, is a wonderful surprise. Screaming acidity, twinkling with lime zest and bitter almond, plays against an exquisite, creamy texture and a long finish. Superb. – Chris Balla, Wines & Spirits Consultant

Albariño, Tête de Cuvée, Envidia Cochina $31.96

Albariño is getting a serious makeover these days, mostly thanks to the talents of young natural winemakers in Galicia. Proof can be found in this seriously delicious example from Evidia Cochina’s Eladio Piñeiro who farms vines biodynamically near Pontevedra in Rías Baixas. The grapes experience a bit of skin contact and the wine sits on its lees for over a year, so expect a textured and nuanced fuller-bodied white wine, expressing salty sea spray, tropical fruit, and white flowers during its time in your glass. A true journey! – Chris Balla, Wines & Spirits Consultant

Gelber Muskateller “Vom Opok,” Muster $34.96

Maria and Sepp Muster are at the forefront of the natural winemaking movement in Styria, Austria. Opok is the Austrian name for the limestone, silt, and clay mixture that nurtures these Muskateller (Moscato) vines. The wine is dry and powerfully aromatic, showing flavors of lychee, chamomile, and baking spices. – Chung Park, Wines & Spirits Consultant

Ch. Barbeyrolles Rouge $34.96

This amazing wine is a blend: mostly Syrah, with the addition of Cabernet Sauvignon and Mourvedre. The vineyards are worked by hand with the use of natural animal fertilizers. One part is plowed with horses and cereals are planted between the rows. Blackberry notes are followed by spice and licorice to make up the main characteristics of this delicious wine! – Andrea Fraccari, Wines & Spirits Consultant

À Yvonne, Blanc, Dom. des Amiel $36.96

One of those show-stopper white wines from the south of France that needs little explaining as its impressive aromas say enough. A wondrous, full-bodied white you can enjoy with seared scallops or a great cheese plate. – Lorena Ascencios, Head Wine Buyer