Italian Wines to Carry You into Fall

Italian Wines for all Seasons


The incredible food-versatile nature of Italian wines make them ideal all year-round. And in September—when summer transitions into fall—that versatility is key at the dinner table. Whether you’re serving seafood cioppino, mushroom risotto, or braised osso buco, you can always turn to Europe’s boot for exciting Italian wines that pair perfectly. And in world-class regions like the Piedmont, Friuli Venezia Giulia, and Liguria, your options for Italian wines are nearly endless. So, where to start? Here are a few recommendations for Italian wines from sales associates Heather Gordon, Bambi Ray, Marc Baralla, as well as wine buyer Laura Ascencios and assistant wine buyer Laura Mooney.


Carpano Antica Formula Vermouth
Vermouth may be associated more strongly with cocktails, but don’t forget that it’s an aromatized and fortified wine! If you could only try one of these Italian wines, perhaps it should be the original. Antica Formula’s blend of mountain herbs, citrus, vanilla, and other spices has been produced since the 1780s. Its bitterness and complexity make this vermouth an ideal choice as both an apéritif or digestif. Add it to your next Manhattan or Negroni for depth and richness. -BR

“Dinavolo” Bianco, Denavolo – 2008
An orange wine that’s Italian and made from a blend of local grapes that are vinified into amber-colored goodness. Dry, structures yet full of delicious character. Drink with a slight chill and get to know all about those white wines dubbed “orange wine” due to their color. -LA

Langhe Nebbiolo, Rizzi – 2013
We’re longtime fans of the Rizzi winery and fell in love with this new bottling that was finally made after years of demand: a Langhe Nebbiolo. This is made from younger vines of the Rizzi and Nervo sites and drinks well in its youth. Palish ruby in color and full of vibrant, sanguine, delicious red fruits. The tannins are tame and accessible and if you’re longing to drink Italian wines like Nebbiolo all the time, you’ve found your match. -LA

Ribolla Nera, Ronchi di Cialla – 2012
One of our favorite aromatic, peppery red Italian wines of the Friuli-Venezia region. The cool northern climate lends itself to a fresher, lighter style of red wine that is versatile and food-friendly. -LM

Pigato “Ca Da Rena,” Punta Crena – 2013
For fans of rich, yet mineral-driven Italian wines, this Pigato from Liguria exceeds expectations. Spending 3 months on the lees gives this wine a creamy texture while bright citrus flavors and solid minerality achieve balance and complexity. An excellent choice for the table. -LM