Essential French Spirits

For Cocktails & Sipping


France produces more staples than you might guess. From Cognac to Grand Marnier to Absinthe, French spirits constitute a strong section of the bar. We think it’s worth it to have a bottle of Chartreuse on hand just for Last Words, which balance that one-of-a-kind green liqueur with gin, lime, and maraschino liqueur to perfect effect. Explore a few exceptional French spirits chosen by sales associates Marcarthur Baralla, Tammie Teclemariam, Sam Davies, and Jared McGuire.

Chartreuse Green $54.99

One of the most complex liqueurs crafted from 130 herbs and spices. Only two monks at a time know the recipe. Intense flavors of pine and menthol along with subtle spiciness. More than just a drink, Chartreuse is a cult! – Marcarthur Baralla

Louis Roque La Vieille Prune Plum Brandy $49.96

Aromatic distilled plums softened by the caramel touch of a little time in barrel make a fragrant and round spirit with surprisingly modern appeal. The flavors of bitter almond and cherry work particularly well in an Old Fashioned or classic sour. – Tammie Teclemariam

Domaine D’Ognoas Single Cask Armagnac 1968 $249.96

There’s a lot of gilded romance out there for very old spirits trying to hoodwink you into throwing down a lot of money for something that has seen too much time in barrel. Then you try brandy like this with notes of honeyed fruit, roasted nuts, rawhide, and further layers of complexity that makes you suddenly understand all those love songs on the radio. – Sam Davies

Jacques Esteve Excellence Cognac $74.96

A complex, alluring nose leads into a round and supple mouthfeel, finishing with woodsy tannin and warm spice. This sixth generation producer has Grand Champagne soil with a Petite Champagne zipcode, making it one of the best values on the shelf. – Jared McGuire