The Irish Entrance

A Proper St. Patrick’s Day


Irish whiskey is smooth and grassy, evoking the verdant hills and lyrical accents of its home. It gets its pleasing texture from triple distillation. While it’s sometimes assumed to be simply agreeable (and not much more), we believe Irish whiskey has risen in the latest craft movement to nuanced heights. Embrace St. Patrick’s Day with style by following these leads from sales associates Erik Guzinski, Josh Mizrahi, Marcarthur Baralla, Tara Gruszkiewicz, and Jared McGuire, and sales manager Bambi Ray.

Tyrconnell Irish Whiskey $32.99

Not all single malt whiskey needs to be aggressively flavored and super concentrated. Soft fruit, chocolate, vanilla, and spice dance on the nose and palate, while the texture is light. Drink it neat, or use it in a cocktail, but I enjoy it best on the rocks. – Erik Guzinski

West Cork 10 Yr Irish Single Malt Whiskey $34.96

People drink a lot of Irish whiskey. While the quantity is large, the variety is miniscule. Here’s your chance to venture beyond Jameson and Bushmills. Try a nice 10 year single malt Irish whiskey for about the price of that more famous green bottle from Jimmy-What’s-His-Name. The 100% ex-bourbon cask-aging gives this Irish whiskey a sweet, expressive nose. The palate is full and rich, the finish lingering and dry. –  Josh Mizrahi

Teeling Whiskey Company Small Batch Irish Whiskey $34.99

This small-batch blended whiskey from a young distillery is matured in rum casks. It shows notes of raisins, vanilla, spices, and the tropics. Overall, it is sweet and robust. – Marcarthur Baralla

Kinahan’s 10 Yr Single Malt Irish Whiskey $61.99

This single malt has aromatic depth without veering into untasteful decadence. Catch notes of subtly sweet Johnny cakes and toasted coconut rounding out with a dry finish and a slight bite. – Tara Gruszkiewicz

The Quiet Man 8 Yr Single Malt Whiskey $51.96

Sweet malt, allspice, ripe papaya, and bitter orange peel.  An aptly named spirit, The Quiet Man speaks in dulcet tones. – Jared McGuire

Yellow Spot Pot Still Irish Whiskey $104.99

Lovers of decadent spirits take note. You won’t need dessert if you sip on this. If toffee pudding and tart apple cobbler had a liquid baby, you’d be drinking it! Rich and warming, but not too heavy for year-round enjoyment, this Irish gem deserves a prominent spot on the bar of any spirits enthusiast. – Bambi Ray