Super Bowl XLIX: Score Big with an All-Star Drink Lineup

Super Bowl XLIX is about making the perfect play: a play that is going to pair best with your flat screen TV. Whether you’re hosting a gathering or watching at home, relax and enjoy the game with bottles that, to us, have already won the championship.

Best Team Player
Drinking Cabernet Sauvignon might be the only activity popular enough to challenge football as America’s favorite sport. Station Cabernet Sauvignon is a ready-made pairing for burgers and meatballs and is so tasty it might become your new weeknight sipper.

Best Trade
Swap the domestic brew for this bottle and see if anyone notices. Vinho Verde Alvarinho “Couto de Mazedo” is a mouthful, but you’ll be saying it over and over as friends ask what that fizzy, floral, mineral wine is that you’ve been pouring for them. Fit for food or sipping solo, allow this Alvarinho (known as Albariño in Spain) to remind you why a refreshing white is good any day of the year.

Best Team Spirit
If you’re the type who likes to tinker, consider a batched drink for a large number of guests. Our own Astor White Rum is the essential ingredient in any festive rum punch. In fact, rum was the first spirit distilled in the American colonies! Sipping a cocktail on game day might be the easiest way to embrace the sportsmanship and craftsmanship of the USA.

Best All Around
JMF Red is a wine that’s here to have fun. Its fruity aroma and smooth palate make it great for enjoying on its own. Kind of like the perfect party-goer, JMF is easygoing and unfussy. Its happy place is among bar snacks like salty mixed nuts.

Most Valuable Player
Super Bowl cuisine is the culmination of all tailgating fare, and what table would be complete without hot wings and potato chips? As we suggested in our Fried and Fizzy video, sparkling wine is the ultimate pairing for these favorite fried foods. Prosecco Treviso is not only a stellar bottle to have in your back pocket as a host, but one that will come in handy when your team scores the winning touchdown.

– Sara Sparks