What We’re Drinking In 2015

We’ve made our mournful odes to 2014, so there’s nowhere to go but up. If you’re wondering how we plan to celebrate the beginning of 2015, well, wonder no longer. Below is a compendium of what we plan on drinking. So far, this year looks promising.

Crozes-Hermitage “Chabayou,” Eric Rocher 2012 –The cold months of any year are full of stews and wild game, and I intend to marry them with this Northern Rhône! Exuding tastes and aromas only found hunting in the wilderness, this bottle brings the words of George Bernard Shaw to my lips: “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” -Sam D.

Crémant de Bourgogne, Moissenet-Bonnard — This Crèmant de Bourgogne (from Pommard, specifically), is a medium-bodied crowd pleaser with the apple, stone fruit, and toast found in its more expensive cousins to the north. It’s also a great way to get a terrific French sparkler without the upcharge. -Erik G.

Gattinara, Petterino 2004 — I always liked Barolos and Barbarescos, their tart, floral character, their complexity when mature. That is why I felt so lucky when I found this mature Gattinara. For me, it is like drinking one of the greatest wines from Italy, but it is also a fantastic value. -Marco C.

Savennières “Clos de la Royauté,” Laffourcade 2009 — I love Loire Valley white wines and at the top of my list of new wines to discover is Laffourcade’s Savennières “Clos de la Royauté.” Chenin Blanc always has beautiful aromatics, so don’t chill it too much and really take the time to explore this lovely wine. -Laura M.

Barolo, Barale 2010 — I’m a Nebbiolo fiend and am always looking for something new into which I can sink my teeth. Finding a Barolo at this price is unusual but finding something this approachable at that price is normally almost impossible. I can’t wait to find more excuses to drink this wine. -Nora G.P.

Hárslevelu, Patricius 2011 — This year, I plan to drink a lot more Hungarian wine. This aromatic Hárslevelu should be perfect with the copious baked chicken and brown rice that are an inevitable part of New Years’ fitness goals. -David D.

Riesling Trocken, Schmitges 2011 – Apparently, what I am drinking for 2015 is this lovely entry-level Schmitges. Because lately, despite all of the options before me, every time I try want to grab a bottle “just to have on-hand,” this is my choice. You can’t go wrong with this easy-drinking, delightful liter that is clean and crisp, but full of juicy stone fruit with a bright citrus and green apple finish. -Tanya R.

Freisa Villerina Secca, Brovia 2013 (limited in-store availability only) — I’m excited to try this Freisa by Brovia because the thousands of indigenous grapes of Italy fascinate me. A name like Freisa promises aromas of flowers and fruit. Is it true for this bottle? And, if so, what would I want to eat while sipping this intriguing expression? -Sara S.

Carricante/Carjcanti, Gulfi 2011 — A fantastic wine from a great region. The island of Sicily, off the slopes of Monte Iblei, is known for its rocky limestone soil. And this comes from a producer known for making classic wines with finesse and focus. I can’t wait to crack open a bottle! -Omari W.

Quinta do Perdigão Rosé, Dão 2013 (limited in-store availability only) — I am really excited to try more dry wines coming out of Portugal, especially any indigenous varietal wines. Quinta do Perdigão, a respected producer in Dão, makes stellar wines, including this 100% Touriga Nacional rosé. -Misaki R.