Gin is In this Summer

Gin is the Spirit You’ll Be Reaching for this Summer


Gin certainly has a long and winding history—its storied past is marked with world-famous pre- and post-Prohibition cocktails. And summer in, summer out, we always seem to return to this splashy spirit. So as we head into prime gin season, we’re happy to introduce to you some gin favorites from spirits buyer Nima Ansari-Bahmani and assistant spirits buyer Cristina Nichols.

Malfy Con Limone Italian Gin

From the creators of Hendrick’s and the Vergnano family comes one of the season’s most exciting new gins. The infusion of fresh lemon peels from the Amalfy Coast and Sicily hit the senses like a thunderbolt. One taste and you are instantly transported to the Italian Riviera. Who would say no to that? -NAB

Lord Astor London Dry Gin

A perfect all-purpose gin at an unbeatable value. The faithful London Dry profile means this will work seamlessly in any classic recipes calling for gin as well as all of your seasonal experiments. -NAB

Barr Hill Gin

In an era of complex botanical recipes made with obscure ingredients, the team at Barr Hill makes the case for minimalismwith an ingenious recipe of meticulously-selected Juniper and locally-sourced raw honey. The result: one of the most delicious gins on the market. -NAB

Dillon’s Small Batch Unfiltered Gin 22

We’ve got high hopes for this new family-owned distillery based in Ontario. With their first release in the United States they remind us what great artisanal spirits should be all about: distinctive, original flavors made without cutting any corners or compromising on quality. -NAB

Reisetbauer Blue Gin

Hans Reisetbauer is an undisputed master of “eau de vie” distillation. Regarded as a sort of brilliant mad scientist, his spirits are precise, direct, and impactful. The polish on this exotic, spicy gin is perhaps unmatched in its category. -NAB

St. George Astor Cask Dry Rye Repo Gin

St. George have been pioneers of American craft spirits for over 30 years and continue to live on the cutting edge under maverick Master Distiller Lance Winters. After two years of planning, we finally received our own single barrel of their smash-hit aged dry rye gin. One of the most exciting gins on the shelf. Get one while you can ‘cause when it’s gone, it’s gone for good. -NAB

Bols Barrel Aged Genever

Calling all beer and whiskey drinkers: This is a gin for you. A far cry from the London dry and juniper-forward styles, this exudes lovely notes of toasted bread, caraway, rye, and hops. These flavors melt into your mouth with a lightly-creamy texture and cinnamon spice finish. You’ll be surprised at how different it is from your standard conception of modern gin and what a pleasure it is to sip neat. Genever is the Dutch forefather of gin: All that followed came from this style of gin that is made with a malt wine base and aged in French Limousin oak. -CN