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It seems like whiskey is an ever-expanding universe with new distilleries popping up in non-traditional and far-flung places. Whether you like it peaty or floral, there’s a thrilling whiskey awaiting your discovery. It’s time to drop the perception of whiskey as a serious drink, and embrace it more light-heartedly as a luxury to be enjoyed any time. This season, sip on highballs with friends, or settle into a cozy night with the good stuff and a book you love. Sales associates Erik Guzinski, Josh Mitzrahi, Tammie Teclemariam, and Marcarthur Barallo weigh in on their current top whiskey picks.

The Hakushu 18yr Single Malt Whisky $314.96
Suntory’s Hakushu 18 is different from its cousins (Yamazaki & Hibiki). It is a peated style that balances a spicy nose, a palate of rich cooked fruit, and a soft textured mouthfeel. Japanese water is softer than American or UK water and lends an ease of sipping intermingled with peat and 40% ABV. Kampai! – EG

Glenfarclas 12 Yr. Scotch $57.99
Get to know one of the glens that you probably have not met before. Here, the glen in question is Glenfarclas, which translates to valley of green grasslands. Glenfarclas is a classic Speyside Single Malt from a family owned distillery with the biggest and only direct-fired stills in Speyside. All that just adds up to a great tasting whiskey that you can feel good about giving to your dad. Comes in a box too! – JM

McCarthy’s Single Malt Whiskey $54.96
I’ll argue that American single malt is the most interesting thing happening in whiskey right now with McCarthy’s being among its finest examples. A skilled distillation of imported peat-smoked barley plus three years in Oregon oak and climate make for a dram that should tantalize any whiskey drinker’s imagination and palate. – TT

Benromach 10 Yr. Scotch $59.96
Here is an everyday Scotch that will challenge your palate without debating all night long. The subtle smokiness is almost invisible on the palate but not shy on the finish, the white pepper and the apple are well-balanced. Great Scotch to sip while reading before bedtime. – MB