Seasonal Scotch Whiskies

Spotlight on Scotch


Plan to celebrate the life and legacy of Scotland’s premier poet with a bonnie dram. Meditate in peated Islays, Highland sherry casks, and beautiful blends from across the country.

Read on for staff’s favorite Scotches to keep cozy this winter.

Compass Box Hedonism Scotch $114.99

Dear Bourbon drinkers: Did you know they make whiskies out of corn and wheat in Scotland, too? If you like the sweet nuances of old, wheated Bourbon I’ll let you in on a secret—this blended Scotch is better! – Sam Davies, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Lagavulin 11yr Offerman Edition Single Malt Scotch $99.96

Crafted in Ron Swanson’s image, this limited release bottle from an iconic distillery exudes complex and delicious aromas. Enjoy woody spices, campfire warmth and smokiness, and smooth notes of vanilla and dried orange fruit. A great gift for fans of “Parks & Rec,” Islay aficionados, and anyone looking for a fine, new dram to kick back with. – Marc Mousky, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Craigellachie 17 yr Single Malt $174.99

Craigellachie is normally used in Dewar’s blends so their single-malt releases are a real rarity. After 17 years of aging, this single malt is right in its sweet spot. It’s rich with notes of dried fruit, vanilla custard, baking spices, and milk chocolate with a slightly more malty/nutty finish. – Amy Miller, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Glenallachie 12yr Single Malt Scotch Whisky $59.96

Single-malt-Scotch lovers take note: This revived gem via the deft hand of Billy Walker has been impressing waves of critics of late. Glenallachie provides a Speyside distillate with warming notes of Sherry and complex malt that will out-maneuver any of its pricey brethren. – Steven Bowles, Wine & Spirits Consultant

The Glendronach 19yr Single Cask $249.96

200 years of divine, sherried-malt experience comes together in true Highland fashion. Flavors of roasted coffee beans, pure melted cacao, orange zest and rich maple wood harmonize in this limited historic bottling. – Jose Banegas, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Whiskies of Scotland Mortlach Single Malt $149.96

Mortlach is one of the oldest distilleries in Speyside and, for nearly 200 years, their whiskies were only available in blends. This “négoce” (i.e. independent bottler) release from Whiskies of Scotland offers a stripped-down version of the current official bottlings from Mortlach. Less flashy and oak embellished, it provides a more floral and fruit-focused example of this classic malt. – Vincent Grace, Wine & Spirits Consultant