Cozy American Whiskeys

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Bourbon and rye are as American as apple pie. With a bevy of styles and producers to choose from, American whiskey drinkers definitely have home-field advantage.

See for yourself with these delightful winter picks from our staff.

Four Roses Small Batch Select Bourbon $59.99

An alchemic blend of 6 and 7-year-old bourbons created from six of the ten recipes Four Roses is known for, in addition to having three different yeast strains and both mash bills in the mix. The overall effect is a polished bourbon with delightful notes of cookie dough, orchard fruit, and sprigs of mint. – Jose Banegas, Wine & Spirits Consultant

13-year Barrell Rye $109.96

Looking for a unique bottle? Here’s an Astor exclusive bottling from Barrell that crushes the competition. This rye absolutely over-delivers with a punchy ABV and an excellent mix of fruit, spice, and caramel. – Bambi Ray, Sales Manager

Redwood Empire American Whiskey $29.96

We’re here to tell you without reservation that the whiskey inside this bottle is currently the best bang for your buck on these here shelves. And it’s a deal that definitely won’t last long. – Nima Ansari, Spirits Buyer

Westward Astor Single Cask American Single Malt $99.96

Christian Krogstad has been a pioneer of artisan distilling in America for over a decade. He is currently at the forefront of a movement to redefine American whiskey one delicious bottling at a time. This cask-strength, single-barrel expression was hand selected directly from the distiller’s cellars in Oregon. – Nima Ansari, Spirits Buyer

Maker’s Mark Astor Private Select Bourbon $84.96

In partnership with one of America’s most important cooperages, Maker’s Mark has created an exciting series of single-barrel releases. Cask-strength, fully matured, wheated Bourbon is given a proprietary custom barrel finish for a singular whiskey bottling. – Nima Ansari, Spirits Buyer

Sazerac Rye $34.96

Sazerac is an iconic American rye—and for good reason. Now that this whiskey is back in regular supply it’s time to make it a staple on your bar again. Whether sipping neat by the fire, or mixing into a host of cocktails, there’s nothing this rye wouldn’t be suited for. – Nima Ansari, Spirits Buyer