A Heavenly Dram

We thought Lincoln Henderson and crew were a little fanatical about how small they insisted their small-batch Bourbon be, but when we got the opportunity to create our own small-batch blend from some of their single-barrel reserves, we one-upped them. Our whiskey is blended from only three casks, instead of the usual 15 for standard Angel’s Envy.

We tried several cask combinations as we created our proprietary blend. The juice ended up being so good that we realized you don’t need that many barrels to create an amazing spirit.

What you’ll find in your glass is a no-fuss Bourbon. The nose is rich and expressive, full of classic heady aromas of ripe orchard fruits and soft caramels, while the special port-wine-barrel finish lends the perfect amount of complex plum-driven red fruit and exotic spice. The palate brings all of these elements together with perfect balance for the ultimate mellow sipping experience. Each bottle of this very small batch is hand-numbered and supplies are limited.

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