Drink Like A Mad Man

This Sunday March 25th the AMC drama Mad Men will make its long awaited comeback. And for keeping us all waiting so long, they’ve been kind enough to give us two full hours of suit-wearing, ad-pitching, office-drinking goodness. Oh the office drinking! The frequent imbibing that takes place elevates the drinks themselves from mere props to a supporting cast. The half empty bottles and rocks filled glasses are essential in defining the not only the character’s actions and emotions, but are an identifying trait as well. Similar to the way light motifs are used in a score to support the presence of a character with a few chords and notes, its the booze that helps define Don & Co. As sure as Roger’s hair is white, he will be sipping on vodka (if it’s his bottle of course). Don’s penchant for Canadian Club is arguably as much a part of his identity as Dick Whitman’s childhood. Sure, you could pick up the same label as you see on Don’s desk but you don’t want to define yourself by someone else’s signature drink. You want your own! If someone comes into your office (or apartment) you offer them what you’re drinking. And that drink should be something your own.

Lucky for you we’ve compiled a list of whiskeys and vodkas for you to choose your own signature drink. When Lane and Pete toast to a new account or when Don and Roger toast to 3:00 raise your glass along with them and be proud that what’s in that glass is all your own.

And when you do raise that glass remember what Roger said. “Drink because its good. Because it feels better than unbuttoning your collar. Because you deserve it.”

And to REALLY make a drink all your own. Check out “Time Travel Cocktails: Mad Men” with Jenn Smith.

Some Like the Brown Stuff…

Speyburn 10 Yr. Single Malt

Buffalo Trace Bourbon

Templeton Rye

Tomintoul 16 Year

Parker’s Herritage 10yr. Cognac Barrel Finished


Some Like Their Booze Clear…

 Russian Standard Vodka

Ultimat Vodka

Jewel of Russia Ultra Vodka